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What is an iHerb Coupon Code?

  • Introduction about iHerb
  • What is a coupon code
  • What do you get from an iHerb coupon code

If there is one thing that iHerb is known for, it is low priced nutritional supplements, beauty supplies and other health related products. Over the years, 20 years to be exact, iHerb has been known to do sales and special deals the whole year round. Most of these deals are in the form of iHerb coupon codes.


What are coupon codes exactly? When you buy a product online, you will notice sometimes that there’s a box that says “Enter your promo code” at the checkout window. Think of coupon codes as a digital coupon but instead of an actual physical paper you present to the cashier, you enter a code instead. The same rules still apply; you get a specific discount for the code that you entered. It still works as a normal coupon, you get a specific set of discount for a specific brand or maybe for any purchase, expiration date, or maybe number of times used. It will all depend on how the seller is utilizing the code. This is a common marketing strategy for e-commerce sites because it is really effective.

When you are an iHerb customer (this happens when you purchase a product), you will be given an opportunity to input a referral/discount/coupon code. There are several types of codes you can use when purchasing at the iHerb store. There’s the first time purchase code which automatically takes off $5 from your first purchase. This is basically iHerb’s rewards promo that they give to their customers. Once you become a customer, you are automatically qualified to become a referrer which is basically rewards system. There are also other sets of discount codes available for iHerb. Most of them are brand related codes. You get like, 20-40% discount for the brand or specific product that the iHerb code is valid for.